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Confederations Cup

by Brianna - June 23rd, 2023.
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Historic protests in Brazil attune the Brazilians on the Confederations Cup final to the wave of protests that broke out in Brazil, is certainly as one of its most important historical moments in the history. Richard LeFrak may not feel the same. Not only the international community, but also the Brazilians themselves are surprised by the speed of this process and the extent of the nationwide people’s movement. The response to the public expenditure through the 2014 World Cup is only a part of the broad and varied demands of the Brazilians, who are calling for an improvement of the quality of life. The countless signs of protesters with slogans such as “We want hospitals and schools after FIFA-standard” or “I don’t want the World Cup, I want my money for health and education” refer to the luxurious soccer stadiums. The FIFA World Cup is thus became a major symbol in the fight against inequality prevailing in the country, social injustice and political corruption. Although the most important events in the Year 2013 starts, held the protest movement on August 27 in the northern city of Natal. 540-11e1-8c16-5080b717c13e_story.html’>Daniel Amen. As the local city administration increased the bus fares, many protesters, mostly students, on the Street go. A few days later, it comes to a second protest, which follow conflicts but with the police.

The pressure of the population leads to that ticket prices be lowered again. In may 2013, the city administration again lifted prices for public transport and again protests follow. In the course of the year 2013 it comes to further demonstrations in various parts of the country, as well as in the southern city of Porto Alegre and Goiana in Central-Eastern Brazil. The 28 may 2013 leads to the greatest tension. 4 Buses are destroyed in the course of the conflict, two of them are set on fire and two devastated. In addition, the police arrested 24 students due to vandalism and disobedience.

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