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by Brianna - March 14th, 2019.
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When inquiring on the places that the pupils it uses the earphone more frequently we evidence, 7% uses the earphone during asaulas, 17% during the interval, 22% uses in other local rejection of escola,13% uses in all the places of random form, 7% uses during the lessons and in the interval, 5% use in the interval and other places. The intensity is a property of the sound that is related with the energy of vibration of the source that emits the sonorous wave. If propagating, the wave carries this energy, distributing it In all the directions. How much bigger it will be the amount of energy that the sonorous wave to carry until our ear, greater will be the intensity of the sound that we perceive. The intensity of a sound is in such a way bigger how much it will be the amplitude of the sonorous wave. The intensity of the sound is measured in a called unit 1 bel. In the practical one, one is used more comumente submltiplo of this unit: 1dBz=0,1 bel. The sounds of great intensity of way general ear is ackward to human e, as (it shows) when reach an intensity next to 140 dB, starts to produce sensations painful.

Sonorous intensities Leves agitated for a breeze 20 dB Radio or TV (in weak 40 volume) dB 60 common Conversation dB 70 intense Traffic dB 100 Rivet set or perfuratriz dB Horn of 120 automobile dB Threshold of 140 painful sensation dB. The effect of the sonorous pollution in the human body As the intracraniana pressure Sobe, the individual starts to feel forts migraines. The heart to start to beat of descompensada form and with this increases the risks of infarto. With the acceleration of the breath, the pulmes function in maximum speed and the fatigue finishes being inevitable. The muscles are contracted and start to liberate substantiate inflammatory.

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