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Different Interior Styles

by Brianna - March 10th, 2012.
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To date, there are many different styles of interior, which could and should be used in the design of their homes .. In the past, many of us were basically the same style – a classic Soviet or if you say today's language – "from my grandmother's trunk." I think we all still remember well the cupboards and chests of drawers in beech or yew, sideboards, which were always full of china, of epic proportions "wall", Journal tables made of solid oak, orange lamps with fringe, crochet once white fishnet skaterki … All this was considered a sign of that era, "the case of bygone years, but now the others are temporary and stylistic habits … Today, quite boldly, it is possible to declare several areas in the interiors, which are divided into many subspecies: 1.Istoricheskie styles such as antique, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire, eclectic, modern, constructivism. Here refers to the style of interior decoration of a historical epoch, which had its own characteristics and has left its mark on the development contemporary culture. Basically it is elegant, luxurious, pompous furniture and accessories, impregnated with the spirit of the time, for example, Louis 14th, or William the Conqueror ..

Some of these names, you can mentally move themselves in those days, and with any of these styles, and even more so – only the woman have more money, and choose any .2. styles such as art deco, minimalist, high tech, techno, kitsch. The second group of these styles more lies close to the modern elyam cities, and many areas in the interiors of someone long ago took him into service.

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