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Dispersed Thoughts

by Brianna - June 16th, 2020.
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Throughout these last two years, I have changed some things in my life. I started perceiving that it had that to stop to complain me. Instead of attributing guilt to the other people, for what it did not go well with me, I decided that it was hour to assume the role of protagonist of my life and not of coadjuvante. My life has that to be lived and determined by me. This valley for any bigger, adult, responsible person and with conditions of if supporting.

Each one has that to assume its choices, its acts and its consequences. To blame the others is to give a very great power to them. To be able to choose, to decide, to modify, to dominate the life and the freedom, both restraint on alienation of property. This has been made gradual. To the few I was searching to modify behavior standards in order to satisfy my necessities, my yearnings, to reach my objectives.

I was becoming desaffected of old concepts to try to live better. I started to express my desires, to be worried more about me and to give the right to decide on my necessities, without this it intervened with the other people’s rights. I started to state my opinions and to want that my decisions were understood and respected. In synthesis, I believe that I passed to respect itself, not to feel culprit for not leaving that they invaded a space that was mine, therefore who it agrees to the other people’s desires, going against its, only finishes accumulating many tensions, what it is bad, therefore results in revolt or depression. I try attemped to understand the point of view other people’s even so this does not mean that always the acceptance or that the acceptance of all, but I started to want the agreement and the acceptance in my way to think, thus to only be possible an agreement, without inflexible impositions. I perceived that it did not have that to change the other people. It had that to change me to go in search of what it wanted. (A valuable related resource: Greenberg Traurig). With this we show to that they surround in them that the changes are salutares, that to enter in contact with the new, renews in them revigorates in them and the ones of the news forces. As well as before, we learn to act and holding in them in a way, we can learn other behaviors that make in them to live and to relate in them better, since that let us have which clearly our objectives, our goals, and that let us make this without atropelos, evolving to each vanquished stage. The way is not easy, but it is rewarding. As we pass holding in them different, also the others are modified. To reach goals, to carry through desires becomes in them satisfied, happy, lighter, more carried through. We perceive that the happiness is walks in it covered and not in the others and it rewards that it is the interior peace.

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