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by Brianna - January 22nd, 2013.
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Amongst the 10 children of the D. Eloah and its Alvine one, the majority likes or liked to fish, and counts the Luiz who it and the Arly had left to fish a night. ' ' He called me to the Arly for one would fish, it had tralha of fishes of it and I mine. When we were for the car, I noticed that it only took a machete, I asked of tralha and it said that we went to fish with 02 cousins, and that they had all tralha of fish, tent and a boat. I took mine tralha (a box of isopor with frozen beer and a good piece of meat to bake). We arrive in the river, late of the night, all dark one, and go down of the car to look the tent of the cousins, the Arly went down he stops close to the river and he came back after that, catching the machete and asking for to illuminate the river with the lantern, he follows the dialogue: – Luiz, runs here, and illuminates the river, – What you way to make? – I go to fish! – To fish? With a machete? I ran behind it, arriving there, the Arly asked for: – It illuminates here, here – Where? – Here, it has a fish here. I illuminated and the Arly beat with the machete, did not see nothing, it ordered to illuminate of new and beat as machete of new, it swims, cried out another time: – Here, here, it illuminates here. I illuminated and it beat to another time making right the fish for the third time, that was cut into pieces with three cuts. was only there that the Arly said: – We go to give to the rejection daqui, because the fish is of that there from above face, them they had placed the hook in the water and had been to sleep.

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