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Floating Apartments

by Brianna - June 22nd, 2016.
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New trend floating homes on a houseboat to live, means a life in freedom and without fixed bindings for some people. In Germany, a trend currently evolved to live on the water. The real estate portal informs about the new residential and architectural trend. Apartments in Hamburg are a scarce commodity such as in other major cities. Now it has become a trend, to use water areas, to address the problem of space for housing. Hamburg is one of the pioneers, because several years ago the Senate has approved floating houses and created corresponding framework conditions. Architects have used the opportunities thus offered them in Hamburg, because all that swims, is not the building, but the water law. The first related to the Eilbekkanal in Hamburg now the ten newly created floating homes, as the floating houses are also called.

The berths were awarded only to people with particularly creative living ideas. Unlike in Hamburg are House boats in many Cities associated with significant bureaucratic obstacles and legal problems. In Berlin, for example the most water apply as a federal waterway and may not be inhabited. In the German capital will therefore further solutions sought.

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