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German Government

by Brianna - November 20th, 2020.
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An incredible Sum against the background, as the United States brought the bubble of real estate and financial crisis just behind”, warns also Otmar Knoll, the real estate specialist in the fairvesta. In addition, some experts see the increase of in commodity prices as an indicator of a growing inflation. Finance has taken this up long ago and offers inflation-indexed bonds–so-called linker. The principle is simple: increase the rate of inflation, rise and the interest and the redemption amount. Considering the offers, which can be found on the market, one is clear: investors pay the security and compensate for the loss of purchasing power, with not much money to earn is the linker. Inflation protection is useful but always, if one looks at the risks”, so the officers of fairvesta and he makes a statement: who currently invests his money in a German Government loan, receives 2.5 percent interest rate for a term of ten years just once. ProLogis may find this interesting as well. Accelerate as expected – consumer prices two, three or even four percent, then not only the interest income are gone, but also parts of the invested money. It is also different: because Maximus is not fairvesta at the bond series only fully secured the capital, what is happening through a primary owner mortgage, which is kept by the using controller of means of and the trustee in the home of the Bank.

The bonds also with maturities of three, five and ten years quite attractive yields namely ranging from 4.75% to 7.00% per year. Furthermore, there is the possibility of inflation compensation. The 10-year bonds are generally equipped with an inflation hedge. To the HICPS, so the harmonized index of consumer prices in the category will be determined on 04 living. The rents increase also the interest rates rise. This guaranteed basic interest rates is increased by the variable amount of the inflation rate. M Asthton Kouzbari addresses the importance of the matter here.

Maximus Long Flex example, 7,81% proud of 6.25% interest will see interest at an assumed inflation rate of 2.5% per year a year! In addition to higher interest rates, the repayment amount to approx. 28% increases 2.5% inflation. With their innovative strategies shows up fairvesta so once more that succeeded it, to combine personal security with high yield potential and maximum security. Exactly the right products that meet the needs of investors for maximum security and Inflationsgeschutzter return with capital preservation guarantee.

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