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Gois City

by Brianna - June 28th, 2012.
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Located in the interior of Gois, region of the Valley of Is Patrcio, Goiansia, princesinha of the valley, is known as a city pacata, of simple customs, certain housing for who search peace in the daily one. But it has lately not been well thus. It happens that, of times for here, had the found mineral wealth in entorno, new companies in the branch of the civil construction and mining had been installed this way attracting a great number of proceeding migrantes, mainly, of the regions north and northeast of Brazil and these they had been fixed in the city for it to offer to better conditions of habitation and leisure. Our city was put into motion very and the community is intimidated in such a way by the security lack what it reflected in a cultural shock and an intensification of the preconception as for the probable ambient impacts that the work of the companies can offer. Moreover, valley to remember that the high cost of living has infuriated goinesienses we, because without a doubt, we had that to start to spend more and to consume little, what it did not harm local commerce in view of the increase of consumers. However, it is known that the performance of the companies was favorable when demanding the construction of roads of quality for locomotion of the workers of the city until them, what facilitated to the access of Goiansia the next localities, generating legal jobs, what took the city hall to invest more in the area of the health, the infrastructure and even though in the education with the implantation of courses technician and qualification. In my opinion, the companies who had been installed here had given great economic impulse to our city, happen that a sped up growth did not expect so and living us we were not prepared to receive the workers who had come of are. Therefore, I believe to be necessary that the local government takes care of well of the public accounts, fomenting what really she is necessary and she creates strategies that develop social integration between goianesienses and migrantes, since we will have that to coexist together for a good time. I think that this it can occur by means of awareness campaigns, artistic and cultural manifestations that include all without distinction. Being thus, Goiansia, our promising city, will develop obeying the ethical and moral concepts, offering to equal chances to all those that they desire to grow, therefore all we has the right to the citizenship, independently of the place of where let us come or let us be.

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