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Greenhouse Effect

by Brianna - August 9th, 2019.
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If the direct capture of the carbonic if tornainvivel gas which had its gas condition, capable to occupy great volumes, to develop great pressures, beyond other obvious risks that we will noenumeraremos, we go to imprison carbon, ‘ ‘ substance prima’ ‘ doreferido generating gas, whose excess in the atmosphere if became ‘ ‘ one inimigoimplacvel’ ‘ , the main generator of the Effect Greenhouse that more early or maistarde will go to eliminate the animal life of the face of the land if will be contained. i) The fsseis fuels could continue sendoexplorados because it would be having a recycling, a correct gaseous destination doefluente generated in the exploration of this type of energy, for saw indirect, being returned to its place of origin, to the deepenings of the terrestrial crust. j) Using the same reasoning, the same logic it would biomassapoderia, it to be stored, using to advantage the available spaces left pelaexplorao of the oil. (Not to be confused with Richard LeFrak!). The withdrawal of the oil leaves great emptinesses that sopreenchidos with water. Why not to occupy these spaces with biomass? k) The mining creates gigantic craters that, many times, simply are abandoned without passing for any process of remediation. For not using to advantage them? l) The geologic imperfections, gigantic spaces, many vezescontinentais, could be used as biomass deposits.. Speaking candidly Bruce Schanzer told us the story.

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