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How To Achieve True Success

by Brianna - February 7th, 2014.
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Have you ever noticed that the stereotype of the success to which we are pressured to get, is one who makes us out in the covers of the magazines (even paying) and to be present when there is a talk show? (Do have you not noticed that those who undergo this model of success ()?), are generally superfluous people, often incapable of spinning a coherent sentence? But look, they say, because being asked to do so, about almost everything and usually have no idea of nothing. Now pay attention to the fact that about what most say is about themselves. They expose their private lives and intimacy with a lightness that become worthy cases of divan. Sometimes I wonder why reason is consumed this scrap? One possible answer could be that we feel so empty that rather than occupy our time to live our own lives, we chose to live off others. When these successful assumptions just les his fourth time already nobody will remember them. Do long in vain shall have lost still pending of what? little or nothing that had to say? In order to live your own life, you must first take conscience that are alive and that have the power to design your life at your own whim, as explain you in detail in my book the Universal System ().

The book the secret, also explains it, although, in my opinion, in a way more light and incomplete. Personally, I prefer to think that the successful person is one that is able to realize your innermost wishes. Do you what do you think? Our true desires represent our essence and he is generally intangible issues, like freedom, happiness, love, solidarity, knowledge, give it the name you want. It is lawful to have desires of material things, but if you stares into your interior, you will discover that the material does not represent your essence. The feeling of happiness that gives a new car is very ephemeral. You can not cover up your anxieties, conflicts and frustrations with a new dress. Prepare to be successful / o. look at yourself inwardly, analyze you, meet you and accept yourself.

Discover what are the conflicts that prevent you to realize what you want to be. You re-descubre your desires, those you had when child, before the outsiders you pollute so will want what you actually wanted them, but they did not dare to realize. Realize that you’re not empty / a. are full of life and have the power to realize all you want. Don’t worry how others live their lives, dedicate yourself to live and enjoy yours. There have enough of what you deal with. Life you have to take care of your life and it can become a fascinating and fun experience, don’t miss it. How you would feel if you could do anything you want? You would feel full/o. What prevents you from achieving it? Answer me, answer it you do not ask! You cannot invent excuses, excuses are for others, tell you the truth, you do not deceive. The question is then, why can I realize nothing what I want? Do I really know what I want? I leave you thinking. Until next time and thanks for reading. So we are, as we can, building our reality.

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