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Ice And Croissants To Go!

by Brianna - November 25th, 2018.
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New employees will find per bicycle! Shortage of pushing companies to new ideas. Winni Petersmann, one of the experts for human interaction, which at the same time, the Managing Director of on the rock is, has created a new idea, to find possible future employees for a customer. Actions in several German cities on the team has rock a specially-manufactured ice bike successfully employed as a charming rolling stock of candidates. This ice and croissants were distributed to potential new employees. John Savignano has similar goals. These treats were fitted with an advertising message.

In this case for the purpose of possible future employees for a company to win. Peters’s idea is it to go to directly to the people, where the expert for human interaction knew when a common ice all those involved directly in the conversation would come. The new way of acquiring specialist offers large, medium and small enterprises regardless of their structure the way at eye level to make contact. This is a good complement to the existing on the rock marketing measures and ideas dar. After the first hugely successful implementation of the pilot action is ready for serial production and Germany far from on the now large-style rock implemented.

In addition Petersmann glad that also the ecological aspect of this new personnel marketing concept plays a role with the bike. The croissants and ice are organized by the way always at the local bakers or traders in the vicinity of the respective site. It lacks only the summer. on the rock event concepts gmbH/on the rock Veranstaltungstechnik gmbH on the rock operates over 20 successful years in the Agency -, technology – and event business for medium-sized companies, numerous cultural events and big players. A special intention of on the rock is to bring people in diverse ways in interaction. It is on the rock it professional company team building measures in personnel marketing and personal development to support and to accompany. An individual personal collaboration with the customers is for on the rock of course. The integrated technology includes a wide range of media, sound and lighting equipment, as well as a fine selection of furniture (including Fatboy, Pantone of chairs). Additional highlights include a game lounge with games such as Pinball, Foosball, air hockey and much more and nationwide exclusively the FogScreen. In addition to all the obvious technology draws on the rock the special flair in the right atmosphere, the right sound for the correct location of. Pictures, information, references, and more: Winni Peters guy on the rock in 1991 as a real one-man-show in life called. He lives for the show and the staging as a DJ, Festival organizer and stage designer. Today, after more than 20 years in the business, Winni is a specialist for people Petersmann in interaction and still rock the engine that on the drives and to the authentic creative powerhouse of event culture grew with a highly motivated team and a network of international specialists… Mike Striebing, with Winni Petersmann Department on the rock Managing Director of technology, worked with his company MS sound since the late 1990s with on the rock together. Since 2007, Mike Striebing is officially part of the company. Even musician, he has the feeling for the right sound at the right place in the right atmosphere. His tact is an essential component for any interaction from the House on the rock.

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