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by Brianna - April 6th, 2012.
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Professional activity designer is very versatile. It combined the knowledge and skills of various spheres of human life. Initially, the objects and things that surround the man produced experts craftsmen. In of the master, if you look at her with a modern point of view, combines a number of specialties: designer, designer, painter, architect and master craftsman, able to make a product. Mass industrial production, the division of labor, the need for competitive pay special attention to consumer qualities of goods, its aesthetic qualities have contributed to the emergence of new professions – designer in the design of human subject protection. If the first design (industrial) tends to stand out as an independent branch of the project works, but now the situation is different, especially in engineering design environment. Renowned designer George Nelson said: "The design – a special kind of art that transforms a phenomenon of culture stuff man items, but it is so beyond the art of economics, politics, science, trying to think in terms of nature and society.

" Design engineering, marked by certain characteristics, subject to general laws and techniques of traditional design: architecture and construction, technology, engineering, etc. However, the interior design (or rather, built environment) differs significantly from them. The nature of the designed object "habitable environment" disclosed necessarily involving essence of the "human factor", which represents the integral characteristics of human relations and the objective environment, manifested in the concrete conditions of their interaction with the functioning of the system associated with the achievement of specific goals.

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