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by Brianna - June 25th, 2023.
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I had the opportunity to be in Iquitos 15 years and I always knew Ivan Vasquez Valera was a very troubled career of Loreto, was someone who always try to see how more and better serve this region. I remember that his spot was well-publicized campaign Arpeggio radio, then observe with Alejandro Toledo, on Avenida Grau, when thought of the unveiling of Montesinos and Vladivideos. Toledo in those days was considered as a kind of liberator, as a herald of morality. Today everyone sees in Peru in Toledo a guy who took advantage of his shell native to come to power, because once there, did nothing for the peoples of the Amazon until now, have no title to ancestral land and to live theirs. To read more click here: Bizzi & Partners. Toledo was president of his closest friends, that he traveled with parliamentarians, vacationing in Punta salt, more worried about attacks from the press and the constant threat of political groups calling for his disability vacancy. He did nothing for Peru, than then swallow his voice and again show their success abroad where they say is a university professor, but we know that, because being an economist, in Peru never achieve anything that lasts, or change anything in the concrete reality of the Peruvians. The only so far we see that if you have done and much to Peru and its inhabitants is Lossio Luis Castaneda, who has made Peru's capital Lima a decent place, with motorways, exchange road, his works are legion, the Hospitals of the Solidarity, modern avenues, Metropolitan, which annoyed a lot at first to Lima, the construction works, but all recognize today turned into a modern city Lima. . Without hesitation Lincoln Property explained all about the problem.

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