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Judith Hildebrandt – Full Close

by Brianna - June 30th, 2023.
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The new album by Judith Hildebrandt – full close she’s young, she’s pretty, she’s funny and spontaneous and this wonderful course. JUDITH HILDEBRANDT is a woman you have to just love, you want to be like as often as possible close. Known as actress, singer and presenter offers enough space their fans and lovers, to see them regularly and to spend them together a few nice hours. At the age of nine, JUDITH appeared for the first time in front of the camera and met by the Pike on various facets of the medium television estimate. She hosted the entertainment show “The Hugo show” already as a 16 year old, played three years in the ARD series “Marienhof”, and released their first single “we gonna stay together”, which is placed on number 13 of the German single charts. Two album releases followed before JUDITH increasingly devoted to acting.

In addition to various Theatre roles she played with RTL series “Hinter Gittern – der Frauenknast” at and received Role of Tanja Heinemann (Liebertz) in the ARD-telenovela “Storm of love”. Since the start of the series, JUDITH HILDEBRANDT has a place in Germany’s most successful daily SOAP. After she sang English-language titles in the 1990s, JUDITH HILDEBRANDT published her first album with German titles in collaboration with Warner Music Germany (TELDEC) on June 03, 2011. With “Very close”, so the title of the album, JUDITH shows impressed with emotional vocals and a distinctive voice of their personal page. Titles such as “You are the world to me”, “Love me one last time” and “Wings” are the big widescreen pop ballads with goose bumps feeling, which mark the musical direction of the album. With “I’m with you want to play” and “Kiss me the Sun wake” delivers JUDITH two spirited and suitable for dance numbers that underpin the joy of “Very close”. But there are still more than goose bumps feeling and joy on the CD “Up close” – there are mature compositions, timeless melodies and Texts as well as a modern production and package level.

With their new team consisting of thirteen titles originated from the producer and composer Norbert Finally, Frank Kretschmer and Thomas Remm, as well as the lyricist Marc Hiller, which are full of atmosphere and touching. With “Very close”, a real gem succeeded JUDITH HILDEBRANDT. For the first time sings German lyrics and interpreted sentimental ballads and rhythmic uptempo numbers. With timeless elegance as well as a playful ease fills up every sound, every chord, every word on this album and gives a real and sensual JUDITH HILDEBRANDT, one must have at least now just love. The album “Very close” will be released on June 03, 2011 at Warner Music Germany (TELDEC).

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