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Mallorca, A Unique Attraction

by Brianna - August 20th, 2015.
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Everyone knows that Spain is a country of great value resort, full of contrasts and a unique scenic attraction that benefits from an excellent Mediterranean climate and a unique cuisine that has earned an excellent reputation in all world. Anyway, by typology nothing compares to the Balearic Islands or Mallorca. And if not, to be told the real estate in Mallorca, which, in spite of the slowdown that has hit the country in recent years, still enjoy a great time. And real estate is that the products of the peninsula are very different from those of Mallorca, with a large foreign demand with which they can not compete around the country. And that is the magical island has a unique appeal, without massive developments or excess construction. In short, Mallorca goes to a select audience that can afford precisely this singularity, and at the same time appreciate values such as Mediterranean location and entertainment.

The facts bear this out: four fifths of the island are intact, and the Balearic government’s plans do not go just for a change this policy of natural preservation. Others are also in Mallorca the ideal place in which to tie their boats, either on the abundant ‘sea’ of the island or natural ports, some of them away from mass tourism. Mallorca also has the opportunity to discover the wonders of three beautiful islands: Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Each of them cut by a different pattern, the Balearic Islands undoubtedly constitute a unique assemblage in the sea and the natural charm of its scenery predominates. Residing in Mallorca has little to do with it elsewhere in the country, mainly due to an offer residential homes, houses, villas and apartments to live in harmony with the natural environment which remains unchanged over time. And it stays that way for many years.

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