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Marble Shining Stone

by Brianna - April 25th, 2012.
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As a structural and finishing material used marble from ancient times: the temples, statues, columns, railings, decorative elements of buildings and facilities were wonderful decoration of ancient cities. Many of these monuments have survived to modern times. Marble is a crystalline, granular rock, formed by recrystallization of limestone or dolomite. The name of this natural mineral translated from Greek as "brilliant, shining stone". His property and the ability to take polish while brighter display its structure were the main reason for the widespread application of this ancient material masters. In color marbles are divided into white and colored.

The latter include pink, yellow, gray, blue, green, reddish, black, brown tones, as well as their various combinations. In color varieties of marble usually has streaks – filled with natural cements the cracks. Advantages of Marble Marble has many advantages, making it one of the most popular and finest materials for interior and exterior, as well as the decoration of rooms, gardens, parks and squares. Longevity of the products and designs of marble depends on the exploration and extraction method. However, the use quality of dense rock ensures a long service life of products made from it. The white marbles the first signs of the effect of time become visible only after 100-150 years.

Ease of processing provide properties such marble as strength, toughness, ductility. Under the stress of the material does not break into large chunks, allowing carving out his products, even complex shapes. The surface of the marble is easy to grind and polished, with brighter manifests its structure.

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