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Ornamental Plants

by Brianna - December 24th, 2019.
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Today in days the people although live in very small apartments, they have one generally or several plants accompany that them. First that everything is good for knowing that type of plant we want and we can have in interiors, for this we must consider several important aspects: that the plant has supported the little light that can have the house, that resists seasons with little water, in this world where we lived with as much agitation is good for considering east detail, in case it forgets to us to do irrigation to him to the plant, that she can resist To know a little the nature the plant or the plants that we have living with us, since within these considered plants ornamental shortage is had some of poisonous them and is common to see them in apartments and exteriors. To have minimum details with the plant, as a little triple installment 15, once in a while; it is good that it is little because takes advantage of it to the plant and we have the security of not damaging applying it more than needs. It remembers to water them like minimum 2 times to the week, if their leaves see droughts, hgalo more followed; each panta it has different requirements learns to know them. Tngalas in a site that at least receives a little air, if it also can sun and light that are very important for the plants. It does not let to them grow grass around, is possible to see this when it has filled his flowerpots with new earth. It clears the dry leaves of the plants, these do not contribute anything to the plant they will make and it see deteriorated. It changes the substrate (earth) once in a while or at least removes the plant, removes the Earth that can be a little compressed, applies a little installment and returns to seed their plant, djela in the same site thus will not be very traumatic their recovery, because some plants when removing undergo them a little stress and has that are put better while others put a little withered but with the days they become to recover. All the plants do not need this procedure, but it is generally good for making it once in a while to air his roots. When it goes on a trip it places a plastic bottle, can be of soda water, flood of water mouth down buried in the flowerpot, the thus Earth it will be taking the water that it requires and the plant will stay humid.

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