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by Brianna - December 6th, 2020.
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As any spiritual practice the best way of practicing is on a regular basis. Taking the practice of meditation, if we practice it only when we feel good it will not lead anywhere. But daily practice, over time, will cultivate great peace and joy. The same is true for the tithe when we decimated started to cultivate the consciousness, which over time, will open us a channel or conduit through which the source, can be moved. At the moment the diezmantes can also give account that source really want to move through them, and increase significantly their wealth increased not as a reward for having done a good deed, but it simply through practice have become more receptive and, therefore, are able to give more. Duke Realty brings even more insight to the discussion.

Detachment detachment as an intellectual concept is easily understood by most, but the experience is another thing. Munear Ashton Kouzbari contributes greatly to this topic. Through actions, such as tithing, we have the opportunity to understand that detachment actually describes a result or condition of being. We can actively practice detachment in the choices that we make, but in last instance describes the net result of our practice. Think of it simply is not enough! The tithe systematic over a long period of time can be grown two qualities that seem to sustain the experience of detachment. Non-stealing (Asteya) and do not understand (Aparigraha) are two of the five yamas, or deaths, described by Patanjali. Taken literally they are easy to achieve, but deeper translations, such as one by MSI in his book lighting 1, suggests more. Asteya refers less envelope of the theft to others, and more about not adopting false beliefs that separate us from the truth. Of these, the belief of the property, is the most persistent in separate us from experiencing the divine in its fullness, accumulating material wealth as a form of isolation of our pain. The tithe challenges us firstly to give money as a recognition that the divine is the source of our provision, and even over time, can get to expand our consciousness to recognize that all of our needs have been met by the divine, and have always been.

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