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Presidential Election

by Brianna - February 13th, 2024.
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Presidential election 2010? Its vote is For FHC or Squid? Prof. Contact information is here: adverum. Ivan Santiago Hisses * the presidential elections of this year marks a species of popular countersignature: which president was more efficient? Fernando Enrique Cardoso or Lula? The Brazilian society argues which model was victorious, and comparisons between a president and another one always exist. We go to the facts. Fernando Enrique Cardoso was, without a doubt none, one two more shining presidents of Brazil and qui, of the world. As politician, world was acclaimed measures and received diverse would honor and some headings of Doctor in diverse famous universities, however as great intellectual whom it is, however as a worthy man to preside over then the country of the future. Fernando Enrique was shining. When assuming with position the treasury department, then the sociologist formed the winning team, that lead Brazil to century XXI: He was launched the Real Plan, the biggest plan of economic stabilization until then created. Fernando Enrique became president of the republic and initiated ' ' It was FHC' ' , and it implemented the true structural change in the society and in the economy of Brazil Age FHC it promoted the reduction of the State of Brazil, mainly through the privatization of the state ones of the federal government (and consequently of the state same types). The criticized privatizations make possible you, my reader, to have access this article on line, therefore before, to possess a telephonic service, a citizen had to buy expansion plans (to wait months and or years to get a telephone or still to pay to the equivalent to an car or motion to possess the service at the time). The FHC legacy includes a bigger dynamism of the society and the economy of Brazil, therefore the opening of the country inside promoted a bigger interaction with the international system and a flow (one of the words key of the capitalism) of the Brazilian territory.

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