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by Brianna - June 30th, 2020.
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The school also if has shown inabilitada to work with the affectivity. The pupils reveal aggressive, reproducing many times the domestic education, either by means of bad-treatments, of the conformismo, the exclusion or the lack of limits disclosed in its interpersonal relations. The professors do not obtain to detect the problems, and many times, also demonstrate emotional consuming with the result of some proper situations of its overloaded day of works and of the conflicts in its professional environment. Many times, had to this, some professors contribute with the aggravation of the picture, friction with pejorativos nicknames or reacting of aggressive form to the indisciplinado behavior of some pupils. The idea Shown for Fante (2002) as called project of intervention ' ' project to educate for paz' ' she is of that schools must to develop in pupil knowledge and reflection on existence of phenomenon bullying and its consequences in proper reality pertaining to school, so that they learn which are the attitudes that favor the development of the behavior bullying and as to prevent it, in order to only transform the school into a pacific environment that stimulates the good socioeducadonal relationship, therefore this knowledge can awake in the pupil the critical conscience and be able to transform.

The Program To educate for the Paz based on principles of solidarity, tolerance and respect to the differences. It is studied all possibility of its implantation in some particular schools of Brazil. As well as in the colleges of the public net, in these cases of violence against the colleagues happen, the professors and until the pertaining to school patrimony it is embezzled, under a type of very common vision between children and young of today: ' ' I can destroy because I am pagando' '. So that if it can develop strategies of intervention and prevention to bullying, it is basic that the pertaining to school community is conscientious of its existence, and the happened consequences of this type of behavior.

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