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by Brianna - September 21st, 2011.
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There is a perception that real estate management – completely separate kind of business, which has a radical difference from the standard of the construction business, which employ the majority of firms in Rostov, and from regular maintenance of the property. Management Company – is an organization that has the right to manage the property of their clients through individual asset management. The management company have to be licensed by the regulatory body, in this case, the Federal Service for Financial Markets. The advantage of such a company for an integrated approach: giving his real estate management, the owner remains a concern – making a profit. All other problems instead incurred by the company, beginning with the date object in the lease and ending with fiscal management, coupled with the uninterrupted operation of the premises. Management companies in most cases responsible for the maintenance, repair facilities and job security. Definite advantage of cooperation with the administering company is the fact that it will provide a much greater profit from an area. This is because the company has been at the expense of the owner a percentage of profits and in its interests as much as possible the maximum increase your income. Typically, the operating companies "leave" does not exceed 10-15% of the total profit of the owner.

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