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by Brianna - April 23rd, 2020.
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La Palma – a beautiful volcanic island with many real estate an acquaintance told me some time ago by an unforgettable holiday on the Canary Island of La Palma. He said I should myself be sure even once of the volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean. So, I flew a year ago on the island and quickly realized that my friend had been right. La Palma is unique, breathtaking natural surroundings and a unique way of life. This was so intense that I now plan to buy a property on the island of La Palma. Where a decision is not easy. Many offerings, from the plot of a typical La Palma finca, have on the broker to the luxury villa with swimming pool and all the luxury. The houses, apartments and plots offer something for every taste and purse.

On the one hand, you can buy apartments right in the first row on the beach or rent, on the other hand, there are also villas and apartments are located on higher. The flats and apartments near the beach are all very modern, complete and not very inexpensive equipped. Most of the houses is in Canarian style with good facilities, there are however a number of newly built houses, where high-quality construction materials were used. To buy a plot on La Palma is of course even the opportunity to build a House to his liking. In addition, you have then the possibility to create a garden or pool on the property. What more likely for me on La Palma in question is an apartment right on the beach, so I can enjoy the island’s mild climate, the refreshing sea and the evening sunset throughout the year. I must worry too too much, from civilization to be cut off, since doctors, schools and shopping facilities are located nearby. Not to mention the multitude of restaurants and bars, offering Canarian and international cuisine and local music. Thanks to the Internet I can do then also my work from La Palma, the Internet connections are here already fast enough! Elmar Geissler.

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