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by Brianna - February 15th, 2019.
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The competent technical support backs up this claim. The requirements for existing buildings from energy and environmental point of view are always large. To significantly reduce energy costs, many existing buildings must be sustainably restored and energetically optimized. The residential value of an existing building is defined by the condition and the economy. Continuous modernisation measures are an important factor to ensure the living and quality of life of the inhabitants. As administrator include property management, to create a short -, medium – and long-term maintenance measures, to present it to the owners, and to take the necessary implementation decisions the Hausmann therefore the tasks.

By choosing the correct timing of repairs and necessary remedial measures can be optimized maintenance costs, avoided expensive follow-up costs and substantial energy cost savings. The technical team of Hausmann House Administration helps real estate owners to the sustainable Maintaining the value of real estate. It consists of graduate engineers and engineering technicians, who have much experience in the technical maintenance of existing buildings. The tasks of building renovation and modernization include: identification of repair needs, development of maintenance concepts, planning, and coordination of Instandhaltungenmassnahmen, monitoring of warranty claims. The homemade house management opts for medium-sized craft companies, which perform their services and craftsmen with commitment and reliability in the experience of long-time partner and reliable local. So the value of a property is secured in the long term and the living and quality of life received or increases. This is your benefit: maintaining the value of the property, increasing market attractiveness a high energy efficiency and satisfied owners, users and tenants that is Hale House Board in 1954 based medium-sized family-owned company. It manages in the metropolitan area Hamburg, in the Southern Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic Sea coast residential and commercial real estate; from the small equity residential complex used up to the rented Ferienappartmenthaus on the coast. Thorsten Hausmann – geschaftf. The Hausmann Hausverwaltung GmbH

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