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Russian Homeowners

by Brianna - August 27th, 2016.
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HOA (homeowners) in accordance with st.135 LCD Russia recognized non-profit association (organization) owners of residential and commercial premises in high-rise building. HOAs are created for the joint management of real property, in this case, an apartment house. For the legitimate existence of HOA residents at a general meeting must vote in favor of the formation of this structure is not less than 50% of the owners of the premises. It's the law! And in Actually … many residents are not even aware until recently that their home detaches from zhilkontory and goes to the so-called self-service. And, unfortunately, this extra-legal or should I say formal legal education HOA prevails in Russia, and in other post-Soviet countries. Why is it such a structure is initially created with the violations of the law? Who here interest? First of all a huge benefit from the creation of HOAs are the city authorities. Why? Condition of housing stock throughout Russia leaves much to be desired.

Major repairs in apartments and houses are not were 50 years old, if not more. The deterioration of communication systems is fantastic. All engineering systems, as well as the roof need to be replaced long ago, well, at least in thorough repair. For the state of porches, basements, attics, house territories, say not even worth it. In short, everything is running. And running seriously. While the house is served by the city – whose headache? That's right, the city authorities. And more specifically, the responsible for the technical condition of buildings is the city department of housing and communal services, which as usual "mouse in the barn was hung from hunger." Money in the city budget for reconstruction of housing no, no, and never will be, despite the fact that the payment of public utility services on a monthly basis is not less than 90-95%. That's a fact! People are paying, and paying regularly, even in spite of constantly rising prices.

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