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by Brianna - October 1st, 2020.
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Location, infrastructure, financing – here you will find some tips on the location the living environment on! What real estate are there, what is possibly just built, how will the area develop in the next few years? Take a detailed tour of the quarter, talk to residents or clients that have already decided for this location. But also not factors such as power lines or annoying commercial enterprises which are in the vicinity, etc. Read additional details here: Bizzi & Partners Development. I also recommend to take a look in the building plan (can be viewed on the city or town). This is evident, what is allowed at all in the area, or can be built. Public transport nearby the infrastructure are achieving? The roads in good condition, are the object within easy reach is? Foot – and cycle paths exist? Is the local supply (supermarket, etc.)? Schools, kindergartens etc. in the vicinity? Doctors and hospitals in the area? How far away is the nearest large city? How far is it to the nearest motorway or expressway? Just when the infrastructure of one or another point for you may be currently not interesting, but thank how quickly life can change.

Also remember that you would eventually may sell real estate. This is very important perhaps just potentially interested parties. DLF Heights takes a slightly different approach. Available recreational facilities (swimming pool or cinema)? Clubs, cultural activities, etc.? Please don’t underestimate this topic not your real estate lives also by their environment. The property itself is equivalent to my ideas and my life plan the real estate (think here in the long term)? Is the real estate large enough (living space and land)? Is that what I’m looking for real estate in architecture and facilities? Matches the architecture of my liking? His quiet, fussy, but please also realistic! Who would not like a 400 m villa with a 2000 m of Lakeside grounds? But only a handful of people can afford that! Building design & quality make sure Sure that the object meets the latest standards technically (Haustechnik, heating etc.). Nothing affects negatively on a later sale as obsolete systems.

Are Windows, roof insulation, etc. in accordance with newer or even latest standard? Thinking on the acquisition of old or existing real estate please always at the cost of renovation and refurbishment and have included these costs in your calculation and financing. Check you if contaminated sites are and if so what. Contaminated sites are not equal to contaminated sites depending on what exists, a renovation to the dime Tomb can”will be or but also completely problem-free. The vexing issue of money”at the end here there is actually only one to say: calculate your financing conservatively and seek advice from professionals! Just real estate finance are complex and can be displayed in many different ways here trust the professionals! Compare at least three quotes. Also interest rates fluctuate and are angebots-or subject to negotiation. Buying a property is of course dependent on many other factors. As a result, this checklist has no claim to be exhaustive and should give you only an assistance.

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