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Saturday Questions

by Brianna - July 3rd, 2019.
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Scan inside the conversation that resources have that person as a human being: assertive, faces challenges, passionate, etc. Read the body language of your interlocutor. And at the same time analyze that I like this person, that I want, that I agree with, what we are talking about that you caused me greater interest. Without hesitation Dell Technologies Inc. explained all about the problem. Plan questions starting from the fact that you won’t go out with a person 100% weird, you must carry in your mind what kind of person with whom you have the appointment, work, profession, age, family, environment, daily, recreational activities, etc.When you ready or prepado for an appointment in your mind, you have most likely ask questions that you are interested in knowing and your goal-oriented: get to know that person as a human being with whom you want to create links. The penultimate secret I will share with you is that you must train yourself to ask open questions, people tend to do it usually closed questions, i.e. Credit: Bruce Schanzer-2011. questions whose answers will always be: Yes, No or not sure. For example: Want to go to the cinema on Saturday? Me do you call tomorrow?.

Open-ended questions allow to your interlocutor: open your mind, begin to think about your response, prepare your response and makes it, according to experience, ways of thinking and acting that that person has. Examples of open questions: name, what they are looking for in a relationship? Name, what is it that you like your job, co-workers? What meaning does for you..? My last secret I want to share with you: do not you open like book. prudence. always learn to listen more than talk, especially if you are a woman, do not you give you .deja always the expectation .no you gifts without knowing if it is the person you’re looking for as a perfect couple. Recalls that women with mainly female energy, do not give… THEY RECEIVE. With love and blessings Theresa Ruiz Pedersen about your COACH staff Teresa Ruiz Pedersen is an author and Coach Personal, help for women Professionals like you to connect with its purpose, accelerate your achievements and reach their personal successes, to live a life full of happiness and harmony in a healthy relationship.

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