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Self Bricklaying

by Brianna - February 20th, 2014.
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Put a brick wall by the power of the majority of us. The main thing – the desire to have a bit of basic knowledge and skill. Self bricklaying needed materials: bricks, cement, water, sifted sand, and any cheap detergent. As well as tools: trowel, shovel, metal mesh for sifting sand, container for preparation of the solution, a hammer, a plumb, square and thick monofilament First, you need to seal the layer of roofing material from the foundation of masonry. Ruberoid need to cut and arrange it so that it completely pokryvavl upper part of the foundation.

Then thoroughly sift the sand to small stones and clay do not interfere in Later at work. The solution to the brickwork to be done by implementing the following proportions: one part cement grade 500 – four parts sand. You should know that one square meter in a half-brick masonry to 50 bricks of standard size. Accordingly, while laying a single brick – 100 bricks. Begin laying the walls to the corners, placing on the solution of two bricks at right angles to each other. The angle of the building should be checked gon. Then to the end of each block is placed next brick. At the laying of the bricks are laid four new pair of bricks on an angle so that the next number of the previous one.

This provides a bunch of bricks. When Put three rows of brick, go to the second corner and repeat from the beginning of all the above operations. And so to every corner of the building. When all the angles to pick up the three rows, check with the vertical level of each corner. Check the angle from the inner side wall – it should be 90 . If not, then it is necessary to disassemble the clutch and repeat all over again, until the solution is not grasped. During the construction of a brick wall just to survive "horizon" between the corners and along the length of the walls with thick fishing line tied to gvozyami. Nails stuck into the wet seam between the bricks and pull the line, which 'tells' the location of the upper edge of the next row of bricks. In order to hot weather Masonry Mortar is not quickly settled into it I recommend adding a small amount of a detergent. Then there will often mix the solution. Make sure that the seams of the same thickness were obtained. clicking on each brick ukladyvaqte about the same amount of solution. When the solution is put on the brick and is lined, the tip of the trowel make a longitudinal groove in the solution. This will help align easily with a hammer placed above a brick (for the more dense adhesion). If you do not, then the alignment of the brick water solution will be replaced too quickly and properly align the clutch fails. Periodically to check with the level and plumb verticality of the walls and corners, and construction gon check the angles on the inside wall. That's the level and plumb allow for vertical angles, square building – helps to verify whether a straight angle in the wall, and the line was to eliminate the curvature of the nails masonry.

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