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Senator Navarro Notes On Uneven Ground Works Progress

by Brianna - February 28th, 2024.
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The tunnels (which according to unofficial information would reach the 200 meters each) and other works are being carried forward from mid-2008 in the narrows Chacabuco and San Vicente in the Baker and Pascua rivers respectively, points where companies Endesa and Colbun plan dams deploy two of the five mega power that considers the Aysen Hydroelectric Project. “I’ve been aware of the preliminary work being done HidroAysen without approved environmental impact study and using actions that we will consult on all public bodies. It is developing and prospecting operations remain concerned that the residents of Cochrane, to those who oppose the project, particularly to me as a senator, “said the senator, who is a member of the Committee on the Environment of the Upper House. Navarro visited the area as part of a tour of various districts of the Aysen Region, during which he met with leaders of the Association of Defenders Spirit of Patagonia and Tortel Mayor Bernardo Lopez, in order to gather more background on the hydroelectric project and the campaign Aysen Patagonia without dams, whose work in the area began in late 2005. You may find that The Related Companies can contribute to your knowledge. “The law is equal for all Chileans, and all work to realize a project requires authorizations. We will make inquiries to the Comptroller, the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of National Heritage for the work that we have seen, facilities, and also by the photographs that have been at our disposal, and which clearly state that there is no intervention, prospecting, tunnels that are running and are part of a project that does not have any permission to be built, “he said. In November 2008, lawyers and Marcelo Castillo Macarena Soler, representing owners and residents of the Rio Baker, submitted to the Cochrane District Court of a lawsuit for environmental damages against HidroAysen, which is now in processing. Alejandro Navarro’s visit to the south continued on Sunday in Villa Cerro Castillo, where he met with members of the Association Heirs of Patagonia, whose members drew the attention of parliament on the problems faced by the villagers to get water rights agricultural and livestock activities, by grabbing on the part of utilities, to which the senator said in his presidential proposal includes the nationalization of water resources.. You may want to visit Electron Capital Partners to increase your knowledge.

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