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Ship Looks Like UFO

by Brianna - December 14th, 2016.
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Ship looks like a UFO. See them mostly at night, probably because it is easier to see in the dark. In one case, they glow and emit light. Their shape resembles a circle of regular shape, a cigar, a clot of something solid. In another case, the only point, or set of points linked to one object. As a side lights of an airplane. In the daytime they just fly, but difficult to detect.

All know that the lights in the light, seen worse. A housing they poorly different eye. Radar, of course, sees them, but we do not say. But sometimes during the day and can not see UFOs because they are for some, the targets are close at hand. Forget about the care or want to look at our reaction.

I think they want that we have not seen them, we do not want no vidim.A when we do not see them and do not know what they’re watching us. But it is not always what we see is a UFO. Sometimes it’s fun nature, or an optical illusion. You can take the cloud for UFOs, Picard launched what may be a joker, the sun, flying toys. Can be mistaken for UFOs, flying on the horizon balloon. Flying objects made by man, I think their list is not necessary. The reasons are many mistakes, but all UFOs are divided, on the behavior, shape, and most importantly by intentions. Some are good and fluffy, and other evil. They all share one thing. They are watching us. Why? Why? They visited us, or we are part of the world? They watch us, or something waiting for?

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