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by Brianna - August 9th, 2018.
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Ribbon mechanism is used to control shutters, canvas where the weight does not exceed 15 kg. Manual control is optimal for the protection of one or more windows of the second floor of your apartment, while absolutely not suitable for operational management of all roller shutters office building, for example, at the end of the day. If each window is only equipped with manual drive, then had to spend a lot of time in order to lower or raise all the shutters. Moreover, the make it necessary not only in the morning and evening, but in case of changing weather conditions. Since progress is not in place, and devices to simplify management of roller shutters, there are more. The most simple electrically operated shutters as easy as any appliance in the home.

With the switch. At dvuhklavishnom switch position 'up' and 'down' correspond to lifting and lowering of protective cloth blinds. Except fact sheet can be fixed at an intermediate point and create a comfort for you lighting in the room. Improvement of electric drives has led to the emergence of radio systems. Radio unit is mounted in any convenient location and is combined with a switch. This version is the best suited for the installation of steel roller shutters in the finished house – no need to hammer away at the wall and run wires. All that is needed – to set one switch and configure it using a set of commands. Using radio waves, such a switch will be managed by various shutters or all at once.

If necessary, you can reconfigure radiovyklyuchatel. And you can programmed automatic opening and closing the shutters in the morning and evening, generally at any time convenient to you. Summarizing the above, we can conclude that the most inexpensive and at the same time reliable way management protective roller shutters – a mechanical one. But more comfortable and effective use of electric or radio system. In any case, the choice of an appropriate management option is based on individual operating conditions and the shutters of their features.

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