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by Brianna - September 28th, 2011.
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– Yuri, house prices in Spain have fallen, but this phenomenon is assessed in different ways: someone talks about 'cosmetic' changes in the local press can be found terms such as 'failure' and 'collapse'. What's really going on? – Falling prices 'average' is fixed for the second year in a row and probably will continue in the coming year. But it is unevenly on the Mediterranean coast, prices dropped slightly, except in Catalonia, where they fall palpable. For example, in the best climate in terms of the Spanish coast of the Costa Blanca the average price dropped by ten percent, not more. Prices are falling, and very much on the commercial real estate for any purpose, and also on economy-class housing. And in the secondary market was mainly, not lower prices per se, but just got a lot of cheap objects from the population, have not sustained increase in rates on a mortgage. Owners housing category de luxe prices reduced almost, because this property is not so much.

– Until recently, very popular among Russian investors to the Spanish housing Mediterranean. What's going on today? – Last 10-15 years was conducted in Torrevieja strong housing construction and a large amount of commissioned housing kept balanced supply and demand, which did not give much increase prices. Therefore, prices in Torrevieja has been and remains the lowest among resort towns in Spain. The number of buyers has grown continuously, even in spite of the fact that with the growth of the construction of its quality fell, rose, until recently, and price.

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