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by Brianna - August 4th, 2013.
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Because an inspection of the actual buying and selling of real estate prices, is not authentic hole in tax evasion in recent years?Do so would pay those who have to pay, or for any reason that does not interest? Credit institutions will streamlining their balance sheets with the citizens tax money flowing them through the ICO, not inject anything into the business system, collaborating even more in the economic carnage in the country. The curious thing about the case is that brainy analysts for which real estate promotions were gold bars are still in his post, dogmatizando on the current situation that have collaborated in maximum degree to create. Analysts and the governing bodies of such entities.All together, in that if there is solidarity among them. And also from the political class now support mergers with public money and at the expense of layoffs, obviously the only problem that exists is the distribution of power among them. The others are minutiae, paying citizens as always.And those mergers, will only help more constrict credit concessions, it is already known that in a merger two and two are not four. They have responded in do agree with the read, the administrators of the estate with their personal property, made at the time of real estate bubble? If it is not, because? It is a pity to have a country in which citizens must defend those who choose and pay to ensure their interests, but unfortunately in this, so. Because those rulers are not agree to amend the existing dark financing of political parties act? And all this, come create smokescreens policies, to see that our talentudos politicians earn a salary. Come to my beloved Catalonia, where is the tripartite ineffable, rather than fight the crisis as a sole objective, dedicated to expand the cost of Administration inventing the old at the most inopportune moment, to disguise their fundraising effort with ecological speed limits to request and pay for useless and very suspicious reports, etc…

And when it comes to the truth, do not know the causes of fires that occur with human casualties, all cigar smoke in his performances, what not never, forget for long progressive government that they want to sell, are their official cars, increase the staffing of the Administration with his acolytes, etc.. You are going to need a storming of the Bastille to put an end to hypocrisy, incompetence and general shamelessness? If they did a survey on the content of this writing among the entire population of the country, would ensure that a vast majority of citizens subscribe it in its entirety. Across the country appreciate the maximum diffusion of this writing, we should already stop shut us up.

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