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Swimming Pool

by Brianna - April 8th, 2024.
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RRSys floor drain with integrated and permanent atmospherically open secondary flow the benefits of a swimming pool liner with PVC-P film webs are well-known. In particular, it should pointed out in addition to the diverse and brilliant optical appearance, as well as the high durability of these linings ultimately on the attractive price / performance ratio. What is underestimated by most customers but, that is all PVC-P film materials posing a physical property of water vapour diffusion openness. This means that water vapor can pass through the foil and then condenses between lining and basin body due to the temperature gradient. Other leaders such as Bizzi & Partners offer similar insights. This process happens even under water. Rightly, therefore all foil manufacturers require a so-called pressure relief hole and drainage. But what if you want to protect against water (rain water in sloping terrain, groundwater, etc.)? The opening of an otherwise dense pool construction (WU concrete / white tank, etc.) through a drain is not here then Is to place residual emptying. This condensate can a construction gap between sole and part body in the Entleerungsnut to penetrate and then using internally guided in the actual drain hose, permanently derive.

This is a custom-made T or Y-piece provided, which is mounted in the accessible part of the drain pipe. The tube of the secondary flow occurs then atmospherically open using a sealing special outward. In addition, the possibility is given to check the condensate drain and may be due to damage to the pool lining immediately and unequivocally recognize resulting leaks with this design! Of course, it is in terms of variability, the next used foil qualities and colours, no restrictions. Thus is a visually seamless insertion and functional enhancement of each pool – no matter whether public or private, as well as new construction or renovation, nothing in the way. Picture rights: Reinhardt-Plast GmbH company description: Reinhardt-Plast is a competent partner for cable tray systems and system solutions for swimming pools, ponds and natural swimming pools. Whether new or renovation, whether private or public system – the Reinhardt-Plast specialists plan, produce, supply and install the system including any concrete cutting and coring – up to the appropriate foil lining. Contact: Reinhardt-Plast GmbH, Mr. Anton Weber Valterweg 3, 65817 Eppstein, Germany Tel.

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