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by Brianna - May 3rd, 2020.
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Or what is worse (for us), which our factories close one after another because they leave to produce cheaper places, where they can pollute the environment at their whim and exploit unprotected employees, while our indigenous workers go to swell the ranks of the unemployed. I.e., that fiscal competition is very harmful, but destroy our own economy, that will soon bring cuts in social benefits, is not so bad and of course no one can avoid it because it is an irreversible process. This at least’s what us repeated incessantly. But someone will ever wonder why this process should not be reversible? Perhaps would collapse the world if we return to buy washing machines or computers manufactured in our city? But, the man in the foot also has its share of responsibility. On the one hand clap that they spoil the glove to the rich, who have their millions deposited in tax havens, which by the way is also a mistaken appreciation, because today they are not only wealthy people the that these tax-free oasis it used. However, on the other hand view with sympathy the neighbor who saves part of VAT when you buy a House, because it declares a purchase value less with the complacency of the real estate and the notary, or gladly accepts the offer of the plumber pay somewhat less for the repair of the cistern of the bathroom to change does not make you an invoice with VAT. Thats not evasion fiscal, not, is the national picaresque! If we were rich, clear, we would immediately honored and we would be looking forward to that time to submit our statement of income in order to deliver nearly 50% of what you have gained to the parent State got. But is isn’t everything. Either we act differently when we happily buy the last bargain made in Asia, although all know full well what lies behind her destruction of jobs in our country, child labour, disregard for the environment, lack of social protection, then we are critical to a small tropical island or a Swiss Bank for accepting money disappointed in other parts! With this I do not want nor much less to make advocacy of tax evasion, only emphasize that our morality is very variable as it suits us.

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