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The Best Of The Best! Presents The Best-selling 2008

by Brianna - May 30th, 2024.
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Annual review on who were the bestsellers of the year 2008 behind us is a year full of turbulence in politics, economics or sports. But also in terms of culture, there were many surprises and therefore, puts together a very special year in review: what books could impress us, what music conquered our hearts and what movies we were most intrigued? The best of 2008 \”, with all best sellers in 2008, can be found in the online shop of and is suitable as an inspiration for the perfect gift for Christmas. 2008 disappointed by the quality of the culture programme on television, a year which wrote stories Marcel Reich-Ranicki publicity was arranged in October 2008, when he opposed the German television awards. When it comes to the critic, not just television in the future of literature should commit itself. Official site: Clayton Morris. Therefore he not wrong, because the literature impressed this year with very facet-rich versatility. Starting from Charlotte Roches excursion to the last taboos of the \”Present with wetlands\” to J.K.

Rowling, with the tales of Beedle the Bard \”proves that there is life after Harry Potter. The year 2008 had another surprise with Cecilia Ahern, because their heart-wrenching love story P.S. I love you \”was in the blink of an eye to a cult book. The Tower caused much enthusiasm among fans of the literature award-winning masterpiece\”by Uwe Tellkamp, for which the author in October 2008 with the German literature prize was awarded. You all made it to the best of 2008 \”list by managed and earned a place on the local bookshelves. The best music of 2008 also in music there this year some surprises and success stories from a fairy tale. There, a British mobile phone seller overnight became the world acclaimed tenor, in Germany became the star of a man with a harmonica, an American jazz diva brought back the sixties with her incredible voice and old rockers celebrated their long-awaited comeback.

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