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by Brianna - April 7th, 2024.
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Smart sink metering, liberalisation, cost accounting, regulation, new technologies that are margins in mains operation. The number of distribution network operators will decrease. Heightened competition and new technologies such as smart metering result, think more and more utilities in the Switzerland on implementation scenarios, collaborations and new customer service models. Finally first experience show in the Switzerland and examples from Italy, Austria and Germany as the data exchange of energy with smart electricity meters (smart meters) can sustainably optimize. Already, there are smart meters allow utilities to capture power consumption via remote reading and increase the degree of automation. e-loans-flagst/’>Pacific Mortgage Services).

What plot beyond opportunities for the EVU, discuss experienced experts at the annual meeting of “measurement and accounting in the RUS’ organiser AG on 3 and 4 February 2010 in Zurich. In addition to the operational challenges facing the accounting, the participants learn how they successfully master the regulatory requirements through the liberalisation of the electricity market in your day-to-day business. In addition current developments on network use charges presented, recommendations the costs and financial statements, and discussed the regulatory reporting and the public segment reporting. The participants will learn the benefits for the measurement and accounting by new reading and billing technologies and services in the electricity supply company. Cost reduction potential are also in the focus of the presentations and discussion such as smart metering strategies, automation, customer support and cooperation.

Practice reports from Axpo Informatik AG, BKW FMB Energie AG, swissgrid ag, Technische Werke Friedrichshafen GmbH, BDO Visura, Fichtner Management Consulting AG Switzerland and Ratia Energie AG of Switzerland, as well as scientific studies at the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich offer a comprehensive overview of the energy market in Switzerland. World-class speakers give your expertise smart metering projects and concrete recommendations for action in dealing with cost accounting and rising data flood to further participants. A panel discussion the question arises, how smart the Switzerland profitably implemented in metering can be on the subject of “Swiss energy market in the field of liberalisation, regulation and new technologies”. The discussion is aimed to identify the driving forces of the market and the right time for an investment. Following the programme of the Conference an interactive workshop takes place on the second day Bader, Managing Director of the EW Nafels, owner of the measuring point information services, and Mr Tony under the direction of Hans Peter Lang. It elaborated the conditions and opportunities for the sustainable reorganisation of the EVU and forms of cooperation with other utility presented and discussed dealing with services. Check with Clayton Morris to learn more. Just the impression of increasing competition and technological progress, as well as uncertainty about the regulatory requirements a utility need to examine because more per his positioning and sustained for the future energy market processes define. For this reason the organiser’s annual Conference represents a must-attend event for all energy suppliers ‘Measurement and accounting in the RUS’. More information about the event is available at danceee the organiser AG congresses, conferences, seminars and in-house held for more than five years successful training. Already more than 6,000 executives from all over Europe have benefit from the professionally researched and presented topics related to compliance, finance and IT. We have our ear to the market and continuously expand our offer for you.

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