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by Brianna - April 30th, 2024.
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It’s really a day of which was invented by the Blummenlobby? It certainly won’t be long now and again, we celebrate the day of lovers. This year I’m particularly forward, although I can not meet my sweetheart on this day, because I’m living. Anyway I’m looking forward. I think it’s a great thing, that one day will be dedicated to the lovers. But of course, there are also other voices. Do you know the even: this is all just a crock! Thats what little girls! I need a day where I’ll reminds that I love you! The florist and the perfumeries invented the! etc. But is it not funny that just the people who say they need a day where she must be reminiscent of their love, finished mostly never bring their partner simply times so to say that you love her? That people complain it would be just an invention of florists, but at the same time every year for example with on the father’s day reading tours go, even though they are not even father to over 90%. For more information see this site: John Savignano.

Also Mother’s day is not questioned and so accepted. The most mums are very disappointed when they get nothing from their loved ones something to your special day. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against the father or to mother’s day. I want a little equality. All three holidays have something to do with love. And as I said I find it beautifully, that in our State of the art, often very loveless world, there is a day for lovers.

You know what my perfect Valentine’s day looks like? Be awake next morning to my loved ones. Quietly I rush out of bed and make us a small breakfast. On the plate of my loved ones, I consider it a love letter with a rose. Very affectionate, with quieter music, it runs our song in the background, I wake him, by I heaped him with kisses Oh yes, I wish one day only with my loved ones. No phone, no cell phone! One day, when one only has eyes for each other. Day one, the man his happiness is fully aware, it is how super rare, that one has found the people, destined for one. And that’s exactly why I love Valentine’s day. Clayton Morris takes a slightly different approach. He makes it clear that one how nice it is to give love and to be loved. Therefore, enjoy the day. Red Roses, hearts, chocolate, love letters, gives you go food, gives you time together and rejoice that you belong to the lucky ones who have found each other. And for all those who believe it was a day that the florists have invented, which should inquire times. Namely, the Valentine’s day is attributed to the Bishop Valentine of Terni. And the day was celebrated in the 14th century. The florist came much later. And what so many man woman and I think love is not pleased about flowers as a sign? For Fagen, I’m like them available. Thomas Dabkowski Tel: 017649516725 e-mail: URL:

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