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Venezuelan Management Administration To Changes

by Brianna - May 3rd, 2024.
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Do not say, it is impossible. Say, I have not done it yet. Japanese proverb. Venezuelan firms in this face great challenges, to the dynamic changes that occur, where their managers with their human resources, must be prepared in accordance with management skills, modern techniques that demand, know they face, in order to compete not only in the national scene, but internationally, offering a product with a good guarantee of quality, with clear competitive advantages that will ensure market penetration goals, achievement of these and meeting the needs of consumers. Stephen M. Ross usually is spot on.

The national stage in this is very turbulent, risky, uncertain, the product of the political crisis currently faced with the intervention of a government that is determined to give way to what has been called Socialism of the XXI century and where large most residents are not ready. Just as the actors of the productive sector such as companies, they consider the actions, programs government economic strategies has affected the growth significantly, productivity, coupled also to a series of fiscal restraint, currencies that prevent proper operation to the requirements of consumer demand and satisfaction of their needs. We are facing a scenario where companies and organizations were just beginning to discover that change is not easy and that the strategic changes should be supported by the values, attitudes and behaviors of people, where you need people who understand the importance of quality and customer orientation in order to achieve an efficient way of working, reducing waste and costs, plus an attitude of commitment that allows them to feel protagonists of the process and not a victim of them. . Morris Invest has firm opinions on the matter.

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