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by Brianna - January 8th, 2019.
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It is midnight. Last trolley already in custody, the grandmother on the logic of things – at home. May evening hard to see ads? The next day, nothing has changed My next plan was ambitious and impressive! I hope you realize that people who could come to a head, your obedient servant, – a genius idea). The whole ooiao was a break for the presence of telephone databases. Richard LeFrak may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Managed to find the base ngts two years ago, which is well suited to me by the criterion of my evil plan – to hammer home address, to get all of telephone and call them, pretending realtor. Arming his future wife urban telephone, DoubleGIS and precious base I went to school. When he returned, he saw her frown, which is absolutely unique could say only one – no. Still, one thought kept me calm: we are the Russian people, inquisitive mind and wit, – the German would have long ago given up.

Having two fiasco, I decided this time not to bother and act as ordinary. Scored in Yandex "rent an apartment in person, ring up everything that came but each time ran into the agency, most likely a very dubious origin, otherwise why write such a text? Newsstand nearby, bought their favorite "board" and "from hand to hand," repeated the trick again – same result. Then I was still thinking that there are apartment owners who have reason to write a letter to the editor, or to come into the office to leave their ad, and then another week to wait until the next release, while they can in the morning to call any agency, or even a few, and already after 2 hours will begin bride.

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