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by Brianna - February 15th, 2014.
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Cement, commercially available as of the producers (plants) and in specialized shops of building materials, and construction markets. When building or even repairing cement – the first necessity. Cement in the art and history. There is an interesting story about a statue of Buddha Bangkok, 3 meters high and weighing 5 tons. She is cast in pure gold eyes made of black Thai sapphires and whites of the eyes of pearl. For a long time, this magnificent piece of art was hidden from the people of the war with Burma.

To save the statues, it was covered with cement, so as not to affected by the bombings, and the cast – from looters. So did many precious statues while in Bangkok. History re-opening the Golden Buddha is full of mysterious coincidences. When Bangkok was built a new church, we decided for him not to cast a new statue, and take her out of the city . During transport by accident hit the statue and broke off a small piece of plaster and cement.

A breach of shone gold. Purified Sculpture was entirely gold. Golden Buddha is not only one of the largest but also one of the oldest. They say that it was cast 700 years ago during the reign of King Ramkamhena. And the customer is not only sought impress the audience magnificent piece of art, but also pursued a less lofty goal. In the Golden Buddha, he gathered all the gold in the country that it served as a spiritual high goals, rather than bore the manufacture small items. Thus the wise ruler kept a gold reserve of the country in a single product, regularly giving the kind of wealth a country revered saint. The Museum Gomel palace and park ensemble are six antique sculptures made of marble chips, white cement and quartz sand. Of pure cement or of its use are made statues, fountains, balustrades, columns, large decorative vases, and more another. In the hands of skilled craftsmen – sculptors of the prime construction material cement turns into a work of art that pleases us and our descendants will be happy because Cement is a very durable material, timeless.

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