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Being An Individual

by Brianna - June 22nd, 2020.
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This for possessing this belief, is not pledged in making its part so that it has a relationship with another person. Through the experience of being an individual that suffers, it can be perceived that it has a referring difficulty to the fact to have that to become related with other people, mainly individuals which if have greaters feelings. The belief would have to make possible that the person with deficiency if pledged more to conquer what she desires to reach. Through the fact of that it has a delivery to the God, one perceives that it has little effort on the part of the deficient one obtaining to carry through its desires. It is not the simple fact of that the visible deficiency hinders the approach between two people, but the fact of that also the deficient one does not make possible a chance of approach on the part of the other. Through the experience of conviviality with the deficiency, one notices that it does not have only conflicts with people who are not part of the familiar conviviality of the deficient one. It also has tensions inside of the proper family.

Having conscience of the finitude which all and any human being if finds, the parents of the individual that it suffers from diseases do not accept the idea of that they can at any time lose its loved son. They do not prepare it to have that to deal with this fact. In the truth they prepare, it to fight against the finitude without it has a work directed toward the acceptance of the death. The life becomes more important for the parents of what for the proper individual with deficiency. Another excellent question concerning the individual that suffers says respect to the difficulties of insertion in the social environment. The environment architectural, but also psychological not only impose a series of barriers.

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