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Bulgaria Real Estate Market

by Brianna - March 30th, 2014.
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In early December 2008, the analyzer produced a regular analysis of the real estate market in Bulgaria. According to analyzers, the determining factor solution Russians to purchase real estate in Bulgaria and abroad in general Property has recently become a boom in thematic information media. Close media attention to high-profile events, as well as rumors that abounded in recent months, the real estate market, directly impact on the consumer preferences of Russians. As before, all the ratings of European real estate leads real estate in Bulgaria in November the media more and more likely to report that the situation in Bulgarian real estate market is deteriorating: the rising cost of square meters is over, and a number of projects have already been frozen. It is these disturbing news attracted to the Bulgarian market for more than 6.74% of Russians in November 2008 than in October.

In addition Bulgaria 'pulled' the interest of the neighbors on Top 10 in Europe: Finland, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Italy. More than others, 1.06% of the total number of requests lost Germany, having descended from 2 to 4 place. Montenegro returned to the Top 10, replacing Turkey (11th place and 2.61%). Again, 'the hand' of Montenegro was played by news of a sharp decline in demand and therefore prices in the country. Also worth noting is Greece, which is already 4 months, consistently ranks 12th in ratings are not falling and not rising to any position. By number of companies offering real estate Russian buyers, as well as the number of proposals and on demand, again leading property in Bulgaria.

Can say that the proposal to the Russians on the Bulgarian real estate market accurately reflects the huge demand of Russians. According to the Registration Office of the country, the number of transactions of purchase and sale of residential real estate in the capital Bulgaria – Sofia, in the third quarter of 2008 decreased by 18% year over year. The largest decline was recorded in the ski resorts of Bansko and Razlog. In addition, reducing the number of transactions were observed in Balchik, Kavarna, Bulgaria Varna and Plovdiv. Market experts in this regard, note that large foreign investors are delaying the conclusion of transactions until the second quarter of 2009, and buyers are taking a longer time-out to make a decision. On background of the declining value of the Bulgarian real estate in the country is rapidly growing demand for rental housing. In this trend lead the city of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas, demonstrating an average increase of the 12%. Moreover, two

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