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by Brianna - July 15th, 2016.
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If you have a car and a family born baby, the first in the list and a shopping along with the stroller and the crib should be the child car seat. After transporting the child is not fastened, just on the hands or in a cradle from the usual stroller – we are very serious risk. The issue of security of your crumbs – this is the most important thing in life! Be sure to attach the child seat using a special restraint – car seat, and do not neglect that even when traveling at close distances! For children, we always choose the best. How many positive emotions get young parents when choosing accessories for your baby. But when choosing a child car seat in our country, many, unfortunately, are only suitable from the standpoint of the law.

However, by buying car seats Concord should be approached with great responsibility. Child, especially a small, needed comfort. Frame chairs must be correct anatomical shape. High-quality natural fabrics, nice colors, no annoying little man, various soft ear pads and in addition – that's what the baby needs. And parents should pay attention to the housing seat (it should be made of impact-resistant plastic), ease of installation in the cabin, the possibility of washing the tissue sections. If you've not used the car seat and your toddler is already fairly active, certainly when you travel by car the child was left to himself in the back seat. As a rule, children or stand on his knees, looking out the rear window.

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