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Mallorca Anja Koester

by Brianna - July 22nd, 2016.
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Real estate in the South East of Majorca in San Jordi the South – East coast of Mallorca has some of the most beautiful landscapes, seem to be taken from a fantasy novel. Some of the most beautiful, clean beaches, where the white sand is lapped by the warm water. One of the most famous beaches here is the beach es Trenc, he offers a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. There are several resorts in the area, including Porto Petro, Porto Colom and Cala FIGUERA. All these holiday resorts are under renovation and will improve the entire infrastructure and attract more tourists than ever before. Colonia San Jordi is a resort which proves when tourists very popular. The place is located just 25 km from Palma, and is accessible via the son Sant Joan international airport. The resort Colonia San Jordi was founded in 1879 and is a quiet place offers peace and relaxation from the stress of everyday life.

Through the unspoiled beauty of the region, has become the South East of Mallorca to a good real estate market with good future prospects developed. The most important investors in real estate in this region are currently German and British with a former accounting for almost 80%. There are several investors from other countries such as Swiss, Spanish, Scandinavian, Italian, Austrian and French. Most investors in Mallorca’s Southeast were attracted by the mix of traditional and modern environment an eclectic atmosphere that envelops the whole environment. In addition, you have excellent beaches and a wonderful landscape.

Most of the properties are purchased, used mainly in the summer months even if this trend is gradually changing. The average price of a property in this region varies from 200,000 to 4000000, depending on the location and type of property. If you are searching for an apartment, you can find it from 200,000 to 500,000. But if you are looking for a Villa, then you should plan an average price of 1000000 to 4000000. You have the choice. How would it be with a town house for an average price of around 300,000? In total, the real estate in the South East of Majorca are some of the best. For Mallorca contact real estate home search Mallorca Anja Koester

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