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by Brianna - February 17th, 2024.
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If one has lain if it closes for any opinion that does not please it, deserves to always receive silence in its petitions. If it keeps open, deserves everything what to ask for. ' ' The mind human being is as the parachute: it only functions when he is aberta' '. Recently I locked up the reading of the book of a radical of the skepticism, that considers ' ' maionese' ' all colloquy that brings, the least of light, any hint of the existence of a creator, over all if calling the Creator. In reason of this, and even so I had promised to comment the book of it, decided to make only one brief article, pontuando that where more I have been repetitive in my lessons and lectures. Here he is what my maximum effort to swallow the idea to comment allowed it to me to write..

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