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Industrial Revolution

by Brianna - November 13th, 2013.
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It is important to know that the engine of the economy (meaning that any economy in the world, both free and operated) are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are people who are dedicated to achieving ends, short, medium or long term, with the means that are available to. I don’t consider businessmen to politicians who seek their own interest through public charges, but yes I think entrepreneurs which count as a risk factor over the possibility of, incurring an illicit, forward the possibility of facing a civil process, as a risk more. The tools that have an entrepreneur are: laws governing system, both the promulgated by the Administration as the standards which may have a bank or a large insurance company, that the dessert, they act as laws for many people. The knowledge of them, in terms of its content and application. The knowledge of how these rules work actually in reality (length of trials in courts, systems for getting mortgage easily, there are thousand!) There is business when a person knows this whole system, and also knows the reasons why the people who make decisions in the process, can current in their favor.

Then generates money, or let’s say evades system part for personal gain. But when already too many people know the mechanisms, which become the end automatic, operating in the system in a mechanical way, protected by loopholes in the rules, and becomes commonplace, too much money goes where should not. And already, generated a large hole nobody knows where is. When the machine stops, because it is malfunctioning, the opportunity to gain somewhere is sealed, because the same not be can continue. Many businesses close, since they are no longer necessary. But a sector which begins to generate money again, driven by employers who have a need to move, will appear looking for new opportunities.

And then the crisis alone, will end because it is not that the crisis is over, but it forgets, and anything else. Things change and they are another type of ways to earn money, and the fallen in this no one will no longer remember, but first the large hole has to be diluted by himself, and every one that toucheth him endure a little it arree. This is the natural way and more fast, has already happened before in the Industrial Revolution with the machines and industries, in the technological revolution with microchips and others and will continue going on with one or the other thing, as humanity continues to evolve. But then, governments regulate more and more sectors concerned to not pass what has happened, but not be disturb!, because it will not happen, at least in this real estate sector and as it is now raised. And also the State cares about put money where it should fall, and companies that fall naturally, if not take advantage of that money for survival, while they detect another different reef anywhere else. And as a consequence, sent false signals to employers, by lowering the interest rate, so that they get in business that really, without the artificially low rates, do not enter. All this rulers know it, but the pressure they receive from the interest groups is a lot, and they have to make something, and she is teasing the speedy recovery, or at least delay it a little. Everytime the State from taking an interventionist measure, more the end of the crisis will be delayed.

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