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by Brianna - November 16th, 2013.
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Like yesterday to go to sleep early. Yeah. Nap (: wake up. But the post is not about that. Post back safeguards. I often say, and practice the principles: "We must give 100% guarantee on their services." But there are some nuances. Let me put on They'll tell you. What happened last night and someone woke me up? Called me a man and does not provide, in the forehead asked "How much is to promote a site?".

I usually ask this question to say that for the site and give his address as naturally. Because the cost of promotion depends on many parameters. Naturally I did not say no, saying only that the site is simple and is dedicated to the electronics (the feeling that the competitors were ringing, and soil probed, although I may not be competitors, they can only catch up with me trying (:). The question is one of those "How much money can be earned on the construction of real estate?". The answer may be to "go bankrupt" (as majority), and "become a billionaire" (as does Trump and company). Therefore, to answer the question "How much is to promote a site?" Not knowing what it is simply unrealistic. Moreover, from me trying to learn what I can give assurances that the money invested will pay off.

Here, just, I can not give absolutely no guarantees. I give a guarantee of 100% if at least 50% sure that it happens. In cases such as this, about what guarantees can there be? Next came an even more interesting things.

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