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by Brianna - March 6th, 2014.
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Object lights Berlin informed its customers the trend to LED lamps. In the living area as well as in commercial applications LED bulbs are becoming increasingly important. The LED technology is considered to be eco-friendly, because it transforms electrical power with high efficiency in visible light. With a duration of more than 25,000 hours (equivalent at home approximately 25 years) LED lights are very durable and true Athen. You withstand easily frequent switching on and off and interesting light accents.

Immediately after the turn, they reach their maximum brightness. The light source of the future object informed lights BERLIN. Energy-saving and more while LED lamps in the acquisition are so far relatively expensive, pay for themselves but by the many benefits quickly. Power consumption, for example, is same lighting performance, compared to a conventional incandescent bulb only at 10% where the burning time is 25 times longer. Compared to an energy-saving lamp is the burning of a LED the extended 3-5-fold.

And if we burn time talk that merely reducing the light intensity at the LED they never totally fail. The innovative lighting technology is considered very cold-resistant and is already used by local authorities successfully to the illumination of the streets. For commercial and industrial areas, the cost-saving technology offers much potential. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are useful especially in those areas where a permanent lighting is necessary. At high operating speeds, as is the case for example in municipal facilities, the switch to LED bulbs is recommended, as huge savings are possible. In regard to the continually rising cost of energy an important consideration. The LED technology evolved steadily and offers mainly bright semiconductor crystals in the form of LED-PAR BBs, surface LED BBs and LED tubes. In addition to the energy savings, LED lights offer a high longevity and are good for the environment (no mercury content). OBJECT lights BERLIN learn uses the LED lighting technology and sets for its customers different concepts around. For detailed information about all services object available light BERLIN anytime. Press contact: Object lights Berlin contact persons: Dipl.-ing. Matthias Buchheim Pistoriusstr. 4 13086 Berlin Tel.: 030 92092100 fax: 030 92092101 E-Mail: Homepage:

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