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by Brianna - March 3rd, 2014.
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This question you can help be aware every moment of what you learn, it’s something very useful and is a great personal resource. For our mind is an automatic mechanism to answer questions. Everytime someone makes a question mechanism is activated and we seek the answer even inconsientemente. Every question we ask installs a mechanism called filter, seeking some sort of element in an experience. If we have filters that help us to consider that every experience we have is positive value, then we will have a life full of situations that we will remember with gratitude and will also make us more efficient because each one of them we are going to learn. In Neurolinguistics, we studied what we call presuppositions of language, and each question contains presuppositions. Powerful assumption that has this question is that each experience can learn something. Having tools available when it is necessary to perform a task makes it easier. The question that we propose here is one tool to take advantage of every experience. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our forum for NLP neuro linguistic

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