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Live Healthy

by Brianna - January 25th, 2024.
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Who wouldn’t want to live many years filled with health, peace, force and prosperity? In the present circumstances of humanity, living on this planet called Earth, and inhabiting a wonderful but fragile, body wear of the same and the consequent deterioration of our health and strength are an inexorable reality in time. By the way, was news these days the death of the oldest woman in the world. A little old woman of 115 years. He was born in 1893 in United States. Read additional details here: Richard LeFrak. He lived two wars, economic crises, including the so-called great depression of 1929, passing through the war cold, the attack on the twin towers and the new great newly publicized crisis. None of these events and even her early widowhood in the 1930s were able to avoid his life full of days. What it takes to live many years with a good life, and in the end a good old age? I know of three elderly people whom I consider a instructive examples.

One is retired evangelical pastor. Dwelt in the center of Mexico until nearly 60 years of age. He moved to Mexicali 20 years ago. Every day he walks to go to the store, to the market, to the doctor, to make visits or simply to take in air from the streets or parks. It is strong and lucid. Another is also evangelical pastor retired with a surgery that kept him a few years ago still for a couple of months a couple of months.

From a very young arrived to settle in the cachanilla Earth. He worked in the field, traveled to earn the bread to the agricultural plains of the United States neighbor and closed its employee days remaining 20 years cutting metal with torch acetylene for a local company. He currently owns a small grocery business. Personally drive your vehicle to the warehouses where supplies of goods.

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